Private label, sometimes called white label, is a great way to use an existing coffee to co-pack in your own brand – use us to expand or start your coffee company brand. We provide excellent Fair-Trade and Organic coffee roasted fresh and packaged in your own private label branded package. We offer private label coffee to any size company – whether you are a local craft or national brand, retail chain, coffee shop, or e-commerce reseller.
We offer a variety of blends and single-origin coffees to satisfy any flavor profile. We offer espresso blends, house blends, and dark roast coffee profiles that fit any taste, as well as single-origin offerings from Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico, Rwanda, Ethiopia.

Do you need someone to help you design labels? We do that! We design and print high-quality labels for your packaging. If you prefer to provide your own packaging, we can pack directly into your own bags.

Our private label process starts with your roasted coffee co-packed in your packaging. Every week, we quality control coffee roasts in our coffee lab to ensure our roasts and flavor profiles remain consistent and of the highest quality. We have whole bean and ground coffee in 12 ounces or 5 pound options. If you have a high volume cafe, take your brand to the next level. Private label allows you to sell your brand to your existing customers and grocery stores. We can help if you are looking into expanding your existing coffee company or starting your own brand.
100421 Bellissima WB 1200xQC USA Coffee Bag Mayogi

QC USA Coffee Bag Mayogi 1
No matter where you are in the process of your coffee company, Thread Coffee Roasters can help take your business to the next level. Let us provide the high quality coffee for your private label coffee needs. Email us today for more information. We have low minimums for startups and can meet high volume demands. Check out our wholesale page for more information on our sourcing and ethics.

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