We’re excited to announce the release of our collaboration with Baltimore Print Studios – The Printer’s Devil.

When Kim & Kyle came to us with the idea for Printer’s Devil we didn’t know what an endeavor it would be. The rounds of roasting and sampling lasted for months, we received new palettes of coffee with new beans to add into the mix. Finally we found the ideal balance with 3 varieties; Bolivian and Ethiopian beans are complemented by a darker roast of our Colombian Fondo Paez. The end result is smooth and rich, like a good printer’s ink.

The label was designed with wood and metal type, proofed on a Vandercook SP20, and then scanned by BPS for printing onto the kraft paper labels we put on the bags. Beautiful!
You can pick up a bag at Red Emma’s or order it from Baltimore Print Studios.

Read Baltimore Print Studios’ blog post about the collaboration here.

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