November Featured Coffee


Fast Facts:
Cooperative: KODUKAK primary cooperative (member of COOPAC)
Name of the washing station / micro region: KIGEYO
Atitude: 1900m
Varietals: Bourbon
 Certifications: Fair Trade – Organic
Kodukak is one of the primary cooperatives that makes up Rwanda’s COOPAC cooperative.  Located in the highlands surrounding Lake Kivu, Kodukak’s members grow the popular Bourbon coffee varietal. One of Thread’s co-owners was able to visit the COOPAC washing station, pictured here, on a trip to visit our producer partners in the DR Congo.
Thread is pleased to bring you a complex but approachable coffee from Kodukak that offers notes of currant, golden raisin, and molasses, with an effervescent brightness that balances a creamy, chocolatey body.


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