Fast Facts: 

Origin:  Apía, Risaralda, Colombia
Farm: El Nivel
Varietal: Caturra
Elevation: 1800m
Profile: Dark chocolate, caramel, malt, jasmine, floral, citrus acidity with stone fruit
Drying: Sun
Processing: Submerged fermentation
Importer: Direct Origin Trading

Apía is a small coffee town in western Risaralda, up the side of the western mountain range that separates the temperate hilly coffee belt from the dense rainforest that leads to the Pacific.  As an area of geodiversity, it is also a crossroads for wildlife, especially birds in migration from North America, which is why there are three large national forest reserves bordering the area.  Because of this, the area is one of the most pristine in the region and is also why it is extremely important to take care of it, which coffee farmers in the region are actively working to do.

Thread visited Apia in October 2014, when we first started working with Direct Origin Trading. Direct Origin is an importer we work with in addition to Cooperative Coffees for our Colombian microlots. They are group of farmers and coffee-lovers dedicated to improving conditions in rural communities by improving cup quality and environmental responsibility; ensuring that farmers are fairly compensated for these aspects via transparent, direct trade. Last year we featured a microlot from the region, which many may remember: AsoApia.  This year, we’ve chosen a new microlot, from the farm El Nivel.

Finca El Nivel (meaning “the level” or “the height”) is part of an innovative new farmers’ organization run by a young, local farmer named Alejandro Grajales, that focuses on quality microlots, in contrast with the municipal group which is more focused on large multinational buyers.

Thread is excited to bring you El Nivel, this year’s microlot from Direct Origin Trading. This coffee’s citric acidity is balanced by a sweetness like fresh sugar cane. Notes of fig and summer squash give way to a floral complexity. We recommend it in a clever or pour over.

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