Fast Facts
Region: Bener Meriah, Aceh
Altitude: 1200-1600 meters
Varietals: Arabica – Bourbon, Timtim, Ateng Super, Catimor
Certifications: Organic, FLO, SPP


This month we take a look at a coffee that comes to us from the mountains of Aceh, the northern-most province in Sumatra and home of the Gayonese people. The region is known for “Gayo Mountain” coffee, which flourishes in the area’s ideal growing conditions. Permata Gayo is located in the Bener Meriah district of Aceh.


Founded in 2006, Permata Gayo works to provide more traceability along the coffee’s journey from the farms in Aceh to the port in Belawan. By bringing the entire process – from farm to export – under one roof, Permata Gayo is able to improve quality, communication and sales – ultimately bringing a larger portion of the final price back to the farmers.


Thread was able to visit Permata Gayo while their General Assembly was taking place (read more about it here). In addition to their structure, this again demonstrated the importance of transparency to their members.  Quite like our own meetings, it was long, there was some disagreement, but in the end, everyone was able to voice their opinion and decisions were made together.


The growing conditions, and the dedication of the Permata Gayo farmers, yield incredibly lush coffee plants, with two harvest a year. Due to the unique processing method (hulling the coffee beans while they are still wet), the green beans have a distinct blue-green color. We roast this unique coffee to highlight its earthiness and bring out notes of caramel.  It makes an excellent cold brew, and a well rounded hot cup of coffee.



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