0O5A0923From Sidama, Ethiopia

Fast Facts:

Region – Sidama, District of Shebedino
Varietal – Heirloom
Process – Unwashed
Elevation – 1800-1900 m
Members – 4000, since 2010
Farm Size – 0.5-3.5 Ha


Telamo cooperative joined the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU) in 2010 in order to gain access to the local and international market through a transparent organization. SCFCU is the same cooperative union where Thread gets our washed Sidama coffee, from the Fero Cooperative. SCFCU was established in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperative in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. It has grown to represent 51 different cooperatives, and more than 76,000 small farmers.

In addition to the market access support, SCFCU is providing financial support to the Telamo cooperative as well as technical support to improve farming and processing practices. Telamo farmers and staff are working together in order to deliver a very high quality coffee. The cooperative owns four washing stations and one processing unit for natural coffee. The particular coffee Thread is offering this month is Telamo’s natural coffee, also known as unwashed coffee. This method of processing requires the beans to be dried in the cherry, a process responsible for giving the beans their well-known sweetness.


Thread brings you a coffee from the Telamo farmers that has distinct blueberry aromas, with a tart and sweet fruitiness of cherries and wild blueberries, a full cacao finish with hints of jasmine. Perfect in an aeropress. Enjoy!

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