Thread_bags_asoapiaLocated in the mountains of the Cordillera Occidental, just at the edge of the country’s main “coffee region”, Apía is a rural agricultural community in the Colombian department of Risaralda. Their location is unique because it is situated next to three nature reserves, large areas of untouched rainforest and biodiversity. This is also an extremely impoverished area and a stronghold of some of the armed groups still active in Colombia and an important narco trade route.

Producer // AsoApia (Asociación de Cultivadores de Apía)
Region // Risaralda
Process // Washed
Elevation //
1700 meters above sea level
Harvest // Year-round
Tasting Notes //
red fruit, citrus, chocolate, nuts
Fair Trade, Shade Grown, Organic

Thread Coffee visited AsoApia on our recent trip to Colombia this past October. You can read more about our visit to AsoApia on our blog.

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