The Baltimore Rock Opera Society and Thread Coffee are pleased to announce a new, three-origin “blood roast” coffee, “Gründle’s Grind”, a combination of Nicaraguan Cecocafen, Colombian Fondo Paez, and Ethiopian SCFCU beans.

A special blend carefully sourced with pride by Thread from small farms and crafted in close collaboration with BROS, “Gründle’s Grind” is a coffee as delicious as it is metal, the first coffee to carry the moniker of “blood roast” as it defies traditional coffee categories with its amazing shredliness. Bold yet refined, this coffee was designed with BROS’ demanding energy requirements in mind, and Thread’s commitment to badass and delicious tasting coffee. Expect a coffee with the smoky-earth scent of a thousand smote enemies, a delicate chestnut finish, and if you listen closely, the whisper of pine forests.  What’s more, $1 from every bag purchased goes directly to supporting volunteer-run rock theater right here in Baltimore.

In honor of this special collaboration, BROS and Thread have produced a special video on the creation of this coffee, which is both totally awesome and totally unnecessary.

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