Norandino – Peru – Medium Roast – Natural Process

Coop Norandino (formally known as CEPICAFE) was founded in March 1995 with 200 members. Today the group has grown into a second level non-profit organization which represents coffee and sugar cane producers of the Piuran mountains of northeastern Peru. Norandino’s primary objectives are to sell 100% of their coffee to the specialty market, to strengthen their organization, and to establish respectful and collaborative commercial alliances with their international network of buyers.

Through the consolidation of member organizations under the Norandino umbrella, producers are now active and respected agents for sustainable development in their region. They have worked collectively to improve quality and overall production under certified organic practices, and have increased their exports into specialty markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Farmers also enjoy access to financing and to development projects. This has facilitated the diversification of their production base to include a range of products from panela (raw brown sugar), jams and cocoa, to crafts and tourism.

Prior to 1990, almost all of their coffee was natural process, and well-known for its distinct flavor profile. For the past several years Norandino has been working to resuscitate the traditional natural process coffees of the Canchaque region. Natural process coffee beans are dried with all their layers intact, rather than with the bean removed from the coffee cherry. The coffee bean benefits from the natural sugars of the cherry, and the taste comes out in a deliciously sweet profile.

Thread is excited to offer you a unique coffee that exhibits lively strawberry and cola notes in a full-bodied cup.

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