Fátima Mercedes Maradiaga – Microlot – Honey-Process – Comsa – Honduras – Medium Roast


Special Release! Comsa Microlot from producer Fátima Mercedes Maradiaga featuring a honey processed coffee. This is a limited release.

Honey Processed Coffee
The process starts with selectively harvesting cherry at its optimal point of ripeness. Once collected, the cherries are placed in a zaranda, or screen, under shade where they are further selected for any damaged cherries. The coffee is then depulped and left in a fermentation tank for several hours until the desired fermentation is reached. Later it is transfered to a solar drier where it is dried until it reaches 12% moisture. Honey processed coffee requires that drying temperatures are monitored constantly. Coffee is turned every 15 minutes during the first three days of drying. thereafter it is turned every half hour. Total drying time is 15 to 21 days, depending on the days’ weather.

A note from Fatima:
I am Fátima Mercedes Maradiaga and I am a teacher by trade. Education is a profession that I combine with my other great passion which is the world of coffee. Since I was a little girl, I aspired to own my own farm, having come from a family of coffee producers. My greatest source of inspiration was my mother, who took great pleasure from the work conducted on the farm, from planting, to harvesting and processing.

In 2007 I started working on my own farm. This work has allowed me to share in my knowledge and gain new experience along with my husband. Together we have been learning how to develop best practices on the farm. In COMSA I have learned about the different biotechnologies, and how to develop micro-organism and nutrient-rich soil ammendments. I have also learned how to oversee processing in order to maximize the quality potential of my coffee. The lesson I’ve learned is that in order to obtain quality, we must fill ourselves with patience, and above all, enjoy all the activities involved, all the while maintaining a vision that the farm is the family’s patrimony, and we must care for it and its product, for the good of our children and grandchildren.

This is the first microlot release for Thread Coffee Roasters! Notes of raspberry, lemon, milk chocolate with sweet lingering and a balanced finish.

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