Coffee Sampler – South for the Winter: Results May Cherry


This special limited time gift box comes with three 6oz bags of coffee featuring the three most popular and distinct coffee processing methods; washed process, natural process and honey processed.

Each box is stamped by hand with a linotype ink block and watercolor featuring the golden winged warbler. This bird is native to Maryland and flies south to Honduras every winter. The golden winged warblers enjoy a home among the coffee trees of Central America every winter before returning to Maryland each spring.

South for the Winter – Results May Cherry
6oz Fatima Mercedes Maradiaga Honey Processed – La Reina, Honduras
6oz Comsa, Honduras – Washed Process – Marcala, Honduras
6oz Norandino, Peru – Natural Process – Piura, Peru (or other natural processed coffee based on availability)

stamp carved and printed by Nate Klock

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